About This Blog

elizabeth explores writing” came about because of the 500th birthday celebration of my favourite patron saint, St Teresa de Jesus [Avila].  As a Catholic, you can do that and join forces with all those influenced by her life and teachings.

imageI am a professed Secular belonging to the Oklahoma Province of Discalced Carmelites.  In March 2015 the entire Order celebrated the 500th birthday of St Teresa and out the years of preparation leading up to that event, came the recognition and acceptance of two under-developed parts of my character:  Creative writing/journaling and poetry.

Arriving at this late in life from a pretty diverse cultural and ethnic background – born and raised in Jamaica with most of my adulthood in the USA – means I will have an unusual, and possibly uneducated method of writing.  But I am determined to explore what God has planted within.  Whatever comes forth will be as beautiful as I can make it.

As a Discalced Carmelite Secular, much of my mental energy is spent pondering what’s happening on the outside and the inside – the exterior and interior life.  So I am interested in Culture, Education, Social, Religious and Spiritual understanding.  For me it will involve writing in a creative manner as prompted by ordinary and extraordinary experiences; by the contemplative experience.

Poetry will be a significant part of how I explore writing – unfortunately, as a late bloomer, it won’t be great but will satisfy the “writerly” need for outlet.  That is the purpose of this blog…