Beauty Descends

Beauty descends his mountain. What could it mean,
of beauty’s high stature bending low to greet a flower?
Electric sparks of green dart lithely like a bee,
faster than a flash of light trapping the soul in flight.
What could it mean?   What did it mean?

Love and Beauty chanced to meet, although they never kissed;
Yet just as quickly as the dawn, his shadow came and left.
Returning to his lofty mien, taking not an ounce, no dew,
no pollen, not a spec, not even a single grain.  This lowly
flower emits perfume –  her fragrance was stirred up –

To fill a room unjustly desolate of bloom.  Yet diligent,
demurely attending two earthy verdant pools

Beauty’s downy crescent moon…

crooning nectar and honey.



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