Jacob’s Well

For Context: See the gospel of John 4:4–26

Jacob’s well.  Place of toil.
I come alone, always alone.  No,
escape or retreat, under a sizzling sun.
Glares from whom neither share nor care.
Day in, day out hoping for peace.
Craving – No – thirsting unction –
Dusty dry dirt, blistering heat –  no relief.

“Oh, No, please No.  Don’t speak!
Saucy tart lip and cold bitter heart
that’s what he’ll reap.
Don’t speak to me!
Creeps in the heat…”

This pointless exchange! Why persist? 
Too weary to parry, my hands so limp.
Nothing will change – not me –
Sweaty, hot, miserable.
Flat and heavy footed…O God

Why, this voice compelling?
Can I trust, him?  Another liar?
– a glimpse –  face tired, radiant.
O soft floating trills a lyre on evenings breeze
O What?  is he saying?
How?  does he know?
Those eyes –  do not mock or scorn.

Every word a salve,
balm spread over cuts and bruises of heart.
An anointing of fragrant aloes!  O breath of God –
Save me, let me drink from you
fount of Grace…life giving Spring!


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