The Milky Way


I saw the Milky Way

one cold November night,

along the Chama high

and far above the sea. 

Embraced by Compline’s chants

and hymns, traversed my way

to warmth within; my head

an effervescent din

of silent festive songs.

Despite a surge of frosty air,

I paused beneath the cobalt sky,

it-self bedecked in gleaming sash

upon its velvet cloak.

An ageless plea enticed mine eyes

to a resplendent cloud of dust. 

With caged surprise an overflowing

heart in kind attempted to respond.

Thus encased, yielding its fate

to the sparkling streaming manse.

Milky_Way_over_Chesler_Park_(21089053393) (2)

Ablaze with heavens light –

eyes and arms and legs and feet

quietly jettison in

the night tethered to a sigh. 

So earth and grass and gravel

trees fell tumbling away,

tasting the glassy air like

snow communing from on high.

Yet met with deeper-deeper,

deeper breaths that chilled and filled

the lungs, alas ‘twas found

Could not take me further; up!

Under pull and weight of sleep,

still paired to aches for warmth

and a toasty keep. 

The crystally clear cold night

confessed a grace most nobly felt,

and shivering in delight I – Aye! 

Beheld our whirling galaxy.


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