Joy Is!

Joy is
The sudden sparkle of light
On a droplet of water clinging to a rose bud
Witnessing the change of expression on a friends face
From dull to the delightful, at seeing me unexpectedly
The bubbly glitter of champagne in the company of friends
Opening the car door and setting foot on the
ground after a harrowing workday drive home.

Joy is
The silence upon waking without an alarm on a holiday
Sunlight reflecting on the sea just before sunset on a quiet beach
The scent of orange blossoms amid the trees and grass of
A mountain slope high above the plains.

Joy is
The melodic cries of street merchants hawking
brooms, fish, donuts or ice cream
accompanied by the noise of transistor radios and barking dogs.
Sitting on the edge of the bed in the room you grew up in.
The feel of clean cold tiles under foot on a sweltering summer day.

Joy is
The sound of my Mother singing in the kitchen,
As she prepares the midday meal.
Mountain fog descending to enclose your world
The memory of being held – as a child – by
A father long dead.

Joy is
That moment of forgetfulness in prayer
When you encounter Gods presence.
A slight breeze moving the curtains to cool
Your room as your mind drifts aimlessly on
A summer night

Joy is
Hearing your father’s car come up the driveway
Two hours before his regular home time.
The music in my head and heart, playing
The beat of my own loves

Joy is
Swinging wildly above the ground on the tendrils of a
Banyan tree!


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