Amid Autumns Soft Sun

You are. That is all.
Like the crystals blue dome.
You are here you are there.
In my souls – deepest – lair.
At my rising and my rest,
my morning and evening,
while cooking or cleaning,
driving or sleeping.
How patiently, you await me.
Your will – that I take
notice of thee. Will
courage avail from turning
away? Set adrift in your eyes,
amid Autumns soft sun.


Note about this poem:

This is an expression of the gift of a contemplative experience before, during and after the practice of Mental Prayer on a quiet afternoon in early Fall.  In that time of day and time of year when the sky and sunlight lend their qualities of peace to the pray-er in the form of recollection.


The poem’s tone and reflection is influenced by one of St Teresa of Jesus’ favourite accounts in the gospel of St John (John 4:4 – 29) where the Samaritan woman meets Jesus at the well.  The woman adroitly avoids any serious encounter with Jesus – perhaps lacking trust and therefore courage as I see it.  Do we all perhaps avoid the gaze of Jesus on a deep level because we lack courage?  And when we do rest in His gaze find we fidget about because of distractions?  In her teaching on prayer St Teresa says to look at Him, and do not look away – which is difficult to do.  Yet, Jesus is there, waiting for us always.


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